I’ve been looking for something like this for sometime, a way of charging my phone, watch and airpods at the same time and this popped up. It’s the Chargetree Swing from STM and it’s been a great addition to my work desk.

So this is a 3 in 1 charging solution for your Apple products. It will wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch AND Airpods, individually or at the same time, in one convenient device.

It’s a small stand, with wireless points across it to charge your devices. To the front in the phone charging point, with a small lip at the bottom to hold your phone in position. Behind that and hidden away, another wireless pad but this time for your Airpods (or other wireless-enabled earbuds). Then above that area and still behind the phone part, is a slim piece of plastic that swings out to the right, allowing you to hook your Apple watch to it, magnetically, for charging. That’s why it’s called the Chargetree Swing.


The dock comes in two colours, either white with hints of grey like we have here, or black. It’s a sleek affair, it doesnt take up much space at all on my desk. It’s sturdy, it stays in place, as does each device when they’re docked. Power wise, there is a single USB C port to the rear, which you need to plug into the mains.

This will charge all 3 devices at once and its recommended that the dock is plugged into the wall via a 20watt or greater power brick, which you’ll have to provide yourself. As for outputs, the watch will push out 3watts, phone 15watts and buds 5watts maximum. With that in mind, charge performance is ok. For me, phone is vital, you need a quick charge more than the other two and unfortunatley this wasnt overly quick. If I was in desperate need of battery, I found myself using another charging device. However, if you’re working and yes you need to charge, this does that, along with your watch and buds.


It currently retails for just ¬£39.99 on Amazon UK which isnt a bad price, considering you’re charging all three devices at one, in quite a tidy, sleek package. I like the look, I like the design, how each device fits. It’s sleek, it’s tidy, I would have just have liked it to have charged a little quicker.

For more info, head over to the official STM Goods website.