Starburst Online Slot Game Review


Slot gaming has taken a few big turns in recent years. Evolving from exciting, but limited mechanical-reeled machines into video units, before becoming fully virtual online, modern slot games that are about more than just linking a few symbols together and winning a few coins.

 The most popular online slots at the moment have a few key features that help to make them not only more exciting, but also more lucrative for the player. From much bigger jackpots to multiple paylines, virtual slots have gained more popularity thanks to both longer gameplay, and a higher chance of winning some serious cash. And the Starburst slot is absolutely packed with these features.

 Available to slot players over at 888casino, accessing Starburst is super easy if you’ve already got an account, and can be found on the main slots page or through a quick Google search. If you aren’t already an 888 customer, then getting set up is fast and simple, taking only a minute or two to enter your personal information and credit card details, as well as 888’s age and identity checks that prevent children from accessing their games. You can even take advantage of one of the brilliant welcome packages if you aren’t already signed up, which could mean your first few sessions with Starburst are totally free!

 On first look, Starburst is certainly more flashy and colourful than some of the games you’d encounter in a physical casino. As well as a shiny and cosmic-style interface, the diamonds and gems and traditional lucky 7’s and bar symbols really pop out from the screen, and it’s easy to see what you need to link up in order to win. The different game options are really clear too, so choosing how much you want to wager and how many paylines you want to activate is clear and simple.

 Starburst has 5 reels, with different coin values, as well as different paylines that boost the number of potential winning combinations considerably. As well as linking together the coloured gems and multi-coloured starburst symbols (which are the key to winning big); you’ll need to add the scattered wilds together, which take the shape of the lucky 7 and bar symbols. This is when you’re most likely to achieve a big win, like some of these lucky players in this clip:


 Once you have deposited the funds you want to play with, you’ll need to decide how much each coin will be worth on each spin. Going for a 10p spin with 1 payline will cost you 10p each time and give a decent payout if you can match symbols across the reels, but opting for a £10 spin with 10 paylines for £100 will not only give bigger payouts, but increase your chances of collecting those all-important scattered wilds.

 As mentioned, the Starburst Wild symbol is the one to watch. It only appears across the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, and getting just one will activate the Starburst Wild feature. This allows you to re-spin to try and get more wilds, and ends if no more Starburst Wilds appear after a maximum of 3 re-spins.

 After some time spent playing Starburst, we found that the most fun was had from going for smaller wagers, but activating more paylines. Thanks to the simplicity of the game, we got the hang of choosing our coin value then the number of lines we wanted to activate very quickly. The high Return to Player percentage of 96.1% meant we didn’t run out of coins too quickly, and we had a few decent big wins that took us over our original deposit!

 We’d recommend playing starburst with a slot strategy in place, as it’s easy to just hit max bet / max paylines and sit and wait for your cash to run out. Instead, try tweaking your bets, and only wager what you win on your first coin payout. You might only get a short game out Starburst doing this, but you won’t end up spending your entire funds within 5 minutes. If you’re more about long playtime and less clicking, then lock in your minimum coin / single payline choice and just hit the autospin button, which will let the computer do the hard work for you.

 Overall, Starburst is a solid slot game that will keep players coming back. The game is pretty simple and the number of wilds and symbols is pretty limited, but this actually works well and doesn’t get confusing, unlike some slot games that have loads of symbols and animations that make keeping track of what you need difficult. Our favourite feature is the cool design and graphics, and it’s a real pleasure to watch the symbols link up and of course those Starburst Wilds coming together to unlock big wins. We found that the wager choices and decent RTP were enough to keep things exciting ever after a few spins. So, what are you waiting for, try the Starburst slot for yourself now, who knows, you might just end up being a big winner!

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