You have a lot to live up to when they call you a legend – and Rayman has been around so successfully for so long now that I reckon that is a justly deserved tag.

Now that Rayman Legends is with us, it’s easy to see how that name has come about. It runs along similar lines to the original Sonic games – or even a bit of Mario.

Side scrolling that goes up and down too. There is about 12 to 15 hours worth of fun gameplay on the disc and it doesn’t feel too repetitive.

The quality and sheen to the animation is pretty amazing over the five worlds you get to explore. Dangers are there at almost every step, so you need some deep concentration to string your moves together nicely.

There is some hand holding, but there is plenty to do while traversing the trap laden landscapes.

And we do like to explore rather than just be shown the way and get on with it with no detours at all. It’s not an open world, but it’s fun to seek out the nooks.

There is some co-op action to be had too and there are plenty of save points, which should cut down on the frustration that can develop due to the timings of your movements.