Keyboards are funny animals. You can spend an absolute fortune on them with sophisticated adjustable keys complete with RGB colour sequences.
Or they can be super tough but plain workhorses.

But what about those growing number of people who are seeing more connectivity in their lounge, or perhaps bedroom/office. They don’t want either of those, and devices like the Rapoo K2600 could be just the thing.

Rapoo K2600 keyboard

They cost around £25 at the time of writing, and is essentially a keyboard with touchpad off to the right hand side. And it works. One of the people in the office found they triggered the left and right ‘mouse’ buttons a few times as they scrolled, because they started their scrolling too close to the touch sensitive mouse buttons, but no one else did. Something you have to get used to as there is no physical separation between switch and pad. It’s just one touch sensitive panel.

The keys here are not mechanical, but are nice to the touch – quiet too. Reminds me somewhat of a laptop keyboard. This is not a device you will want to do a dissertation on, or any lengthy report. But if you need something to browse the web from time to time or do a few letters, this 2.4GHz wireless K2600 is brilliant. It works up to around 10 metres away from its dongle.

Rapoo K2600 keyboard

We saw one online report complaining it was too easy to do the two finger scroll on web pages which also ‘picked up’ the text as well. We didn’t find that, ever. Perhaps our finger control is better than some.

There are handy hotkeys for things like media player, home page, and volume. The keys are over a sealed membrane giving some additional protection from the elements.

Rapoo K2600 keyboard

We found it able to seamlessly switch from one wireless keyboard device to another, without rebooting. Most will do this, but nice to know. There is a full range of function keys and yet it is nice and small, easily tucked away. We made it around 38cm wide, just under 15cm deep and around 2cm high, which is excellent. Super light too.

Neat, responsive in all the right place, but the price seems a tad high at the moment, but there is plenty of quality here.