Who doesn’t like payday? You put your hawk eyes in and watch your calendar for that one day you can look forward to to feel rich. While you stand there for 30 seconds in awe at those numbers on the ATM screen, it takes just as long to spend and it’s gone within an instant. Electricity, gas, mortgage, these burdens on everyday life make payday seem pointless. Every time I go to work I wish for more money. I know! Let’s rob that bank down the end of the high street, let’s burgle that huge house at the end of my road! That will solve all of life’s troubles. Oh no, I’m now in jail. Payday no longer exists.

Scrap that plan. Get yourself a computer, don’t steal it, use your hard earned cash from payday and buy one. Also, buy a copy of Payday 2 while you’re at it. This way it’s payday every time the clock strikes 17:30 once you’re home from a busy day at the office.

Payday 2 follows a team of mastermind criminals, some of which make their return from the original. All are playable, and all are capable of theft. From petty theft, to full blown bank robberies.

The game features 11 heists which take place over several days and several locations. These heists appear randomly on the “server selection” map called Crime Net. Crime Net randomly creates heists and leaves them there for approximately 30 seconds, giving you enough time to make at least a snap decision. Not very long for a supposed bank robber planning an evasive attack, but we’ll get to that soon. The heists at hand are classed by a rarity level, meaning some appear less often. Kind of annoying seeing as there are only 11 heists.

Overkill Software have created a way around this to make the heists seem fresh. A levelling system as well as an unlock system dependent on cash from payday. After each heist you will earn cash, which can be pumped back into your character. The money can go towards equipment to make the heists seem easier, aesthetic changes to your outfit, support items like flashbangs and camera spikes to null those spies in the sky.

It makes the game seem a lot more interesting, and having random rare heists come up doesn’t let you rush through the game at the speed of light. If you find you’re getting good? Raise the difficulty level.

Each heist has random spawn points of civilians and staff from the building you’re robbing. This proves challenging in itself, especially if you’re the kind of robber to sneak through the rafters of that large house at the end of the street.  Possibilities are endless. Remember though, if you’re the type of  burglar to run in guns blazing, expect heavy attention from the cops. Be mindful that while you are flinging hot lead in their directions, you’ve got civilians darting around like headless chickens. Watch out, these can seriously affect your bank balance at the end of your shift. If the civilians are winding you up, cable tie their hands, kick them to the floor, and in a comedic manner, shout in their face. That’s right people, there is a key dedicated to shouting, who knew shouting could be so fun.

No one wants to wait all that time for payday, get involved and feel like it’s payday every day. And when you finish and set your alarm for 07:00, it’ll all be ok.