This is the latest in the Nikon tough camera range. And I mean tough. This versatile, all terrain camera is ideal for all walks of life. The body is made up of a strong exterior. This gives the camera a dropping height of about six foot before any major damage will be done. It is also waterproof, and can dive to depths of around 60 feet. Temperatures can get to as cold as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and it will still survive.

The quality of the photo is actually very good. It takes a 16 megapixel photo, which I must say for the size of the lens does not disappoint. The only gripe I have is the photos seemed to lose ever so slight quality round edges of subjects. Apart from that, I was very impressed with the photo quality.

The lens is tucked away in the top corner of the body. It has an internal lens being able to hit a 5x optical zoom. Itself is a 28-140mm lens, equivalent to a standard 35mm. Nikon have included their optical image stabilisation for when zoomed right in with low light conditions. Unfortunately due to the size of the lens, capturing light isn’t quite as effective as some of its cousins with wide angled telescopic lenses.

Nikon have introduced a number of technologies to improve the photo quality, and to keep blur to an absolute minimum. These are the Hybrid VR (Vibration Reduction), High ISO, and the Best Shot Selector. This feature takes a series of photographs and chooses which photo is the best to keep.

GPS kicks in for geo-tagging of photos, so you will always know the exact location each photo was taken. This is used alongside its Wi-Fi for a straight link to social networking sites and Google Maps.

The Nikon AW110 is a great all rounder, and one that truly takes on the elements and wins.