Nanoleaf has added a brand new product to their lineup, and this time it’s an accessory to their awesome looking and performing Lines.

As standard, the lines are white, which if you’ve got white walls or some kind of lighter colour, it’s absolutely fine. The Lines will blend, right? But if you’ve got darker walls, the white lines can become a bit of an eyesore, and they’ll definitely stand out like a sore thumb. But thanks to Nanoleaf’s new covers, this helps hide them more easily.

I have a set of black plates here, which easily slide over the top of a current setup and do fit nice and snug. Even the hexagonal connectors can have covers that snap in similarly to the original connector covers that’ll come with your Starter Kit. The only one that can’t change, in the Skins kit I was sent, was the control box. But that’s not too bad in my opinion, because if you’re smart, you would have tried to hide that as best you can anyway.

However, on the hexagonal connectors, the only replaceable panel is the top, so the side panels are still white. Not so much a problem if you’re looking at the Lines dead on, but look at them from the side, and the connectors still show white.

The packs of Skins cost ¬£14.99 for a set of nine, which if you’re going for one of their Lines Starter Kits is ideal. However, I couldn’t see anything smaller, so if you’re going for an add-on kit that includes three more Lines, you’re going to have to buy nine more skins. A little frustrating, but I suppose that’s then more reason to buy more Lines. From what I can see at the moment is that they’re only available in Black or Pink. More colours may be on the way in future, but for now, the two colours it is. Find out more on the Nanoleaf website.