Absolutely stunning – the new Libratone Q Adapt with noise cancelling are brilliant. They are comfy with several size ear buds to choose from, but the biggest downside is they are only for Apple as they come with a lightning fitting but more are coming, they promise.

They are available in four colours. We had the fleshy toned one called elegant nude. There is also cloudy white, black, and rose pink. But the sound is what’s important here, and if you are looking for some in-ear buds to do all your city listening, then you have to go a long way to beat these.

The company calls their noise cancelling city mix, as you can choose from four settings giving a varied degree of ANC, or adjustable noise cancellation. It allows a high degree of customisation to the listening experience and we have to say they work really well.

There has long been a counter-argument to this style of headphone as it can literally blot out the world from your ears, and that can be dangerous when it comes to crossing roads, or simply hearing warning shouts. So it’s great to see this system come with four settings. They basically allow 80 per cent of outside noise, 60 per cent, 30 per cent and under 10 per cent, so you can always pick one that suits your environment, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

OK, so the noise cancelling works wonderfully, but what about the sound that does go in to the ears. Well, I refer to my first two words in this feature Рthe Libratone Q Adapt sound wonderful. They cost just under £160 at places like John Lewis, Amazon and Argos. There is a Libratone app to get the most out of the sound with the four button remote with the usual controls.

In there is the hush function, ability to make and receive phone calls and crank up the volume. I loved the Libratone Q Adapt lighting in ear, and am now just waiting for an Android version.