TV giant LG are planning to launch their GX soundbar here in the UK, promising to boost living room audio with excellent sound reproduction and introducing a whole host of advanced features which have been designed to work well with the GX Gallery OLED TVs.

The GX soundbar looks absolutely stunning, and if you’re lucky to own one of the GX OLED TVs, then your room setup will only look better. The soundbar itself can be mounted to the wall flush, or even sit on its own small steel stand if need be. The soundbar measures at 15H x 144.6W x 3.25D cm.

lg gx soundbar

The soundbar also delivers Dolby Atmos audio for that super surround sound feeling and has a 4K-passthrough too, enabling users to plug a variety of sources into the back of the soundbar. You can also pick up an optional wireless rear speaker kit if you wanted that added extra to your audio experience. The subwoofer, which is included is already wireless.

Connectivity includes an eARC HDMI port as well as Bluetooth to play your audio from a phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices, and has playback capability of 24bit/96kHz audio.

lg gx soundbar

The built-in LG AI Sound Pro applies an upscale to the audio, to ensure that all audio sources sound the best they can be.

There’s no exact date, and LG haven’t given us a time scale. Instead, they’ve told us to check with local retailers for price and availablilty.