A little while ago, I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with the very professional and prompt Corsair customer service reps. I had a Corsair H100i Elite Capellex AIO in my gaming PC, nine RGB fans and a Commander Pro as well as an RGB hub to plug everything together, and unfortunately, the pump, as well as a few of the fans connected to the radiator all stopped working. No idea why. Just turned on my PC one morning and they were gone. They weren’t even being detected inside the iCue software anymore. And with troubleshooting, replugging everything back in, and reinstalling iCue and the drivers manually, I was lost. The AIO at this point was years old. I got it brand new when they first released in 2020 and it worked wonderfully throughout. I never had an issue until this point. So, with a dead pump and fans that were not spinning or lighting up with RGB, my CPU wasn’t getting the cooling needed to keep it running, and I had to switch it out for some generic basic air cooler to keep me up and running. I got in touch with Corsair, as their products come with a 5-year warranty, even though it was bought from Currys, an electronic retailer here in the UK, and well, what did I have to lose right? The AIO was well within that timeframe in terms of age, at around three years old and well, I must say, what happened next was I was extremely impressed.

corsair h100i elite capellix cooler

Within a day or so, a customer service rep got back in touch with me, asking for more details, asking for serial numbers etc, which were provided, and the first thing they wanted to try was to switch out the Commander Pro. So they sent me, free of charge a new Commander XT as of course the Pros are now discontinued. This only went so far though. I managed to get the fans back working, but still no pump. So, back to email communication with Corsar, and the rep that was dealing with my support ticket. The next thing I was offered was a brand new AIO kit, which was the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix XT, complete with a new Commander XT to again, plug all of my fans into. And it worked, and I’m all backup and running, thanks to Corsair’s amazing customer service team, and the rep I had the pleasure of dealing with. What more, during this whole process, I took a trip for two weeks to New Zealand, and Corsair even held out a couple of weeks for the delivery to take place when I was back in the country. This experience in its entirety has definitely turned me into a Corsair customer for life.

corsair h100i elite capellix cooler

But, of course, this wouldn’t be a complete video if we didn’t talk about the cooling capabilities of the H100i in my system would it? So let’s dive into that a little bit. Inside my PC I’m currently running an AMD Ryzen 5800X, and I must say throughout all of my testing so far, it’s a hot processor. So what am I achieving? Well, as you can see from the images below, during working hours, doing a bit of writing, and some Photoshop work, I’ve got the F1 qualifying on my second monitor, I’m hitting around the 62-degree mark. Now I will say that inside of iCue, I do have a Balanced fan profile set though on screen are also the results from having the fan profile set to Extreme. I could keep this setting turned on and get some more airflow into the case, but then I’m sacrificing what I think is a fairly quiet system for an extra few degrees of temperature. I think I’d rather have the quieter system for when I’m working, and really ramp up the fan curve when the temps are getting a bit out of control while gaming.

Running a 10-minute test on each Cinebench test though returned some very interesting results for sure. While the single-core test didn’t really hit above that 80-degree mark, the multicore test hit that 91-degree mark. Now of course you’re not going to be constantly working under this kind of load, though sustainable as it may be, it’s eye-opening just how hot the 5800X can run. I’m not worried though, I don’t pound my CPU like this on a consistent basis.

Moving on to some gaming, things start looking a little hotter. I played a few rounds of Battlefield 2042 and ended up hitting over 90-degrees when set on a Balanced fan curve inside of the iCue software. I don’t see this as being worrying though, it was an occasional blip, and as you can see from the left-hand side column, the temperature of the processor was skirting around the 71-degree mark anyway for most of the time.

Temperatures after a few hours of Battlefield 2042/Balanced fan curve.
corsair h100i elite capellix cooler

So there are some temps that I’m experiencing with the H100i Elite Capellix XT, and I must say I don’t think they’re anywhere near as bad as some people are going to scream about in the comments section. But I’m happy. Corsair provided an extremely fantastic service, which to be honest, was all this video was meant to be about, so sorry it’s gone on for so long. Temperatures though aren’t bad. Of course, there will be so many ways to be able to reduce those temperatures further, which unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough to do. After all, I do not partake in any overclocking or undervolting. I just like plugging things in and having them work. And in this case, the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix XT is working extremely well for me.