A few days ago we shared on social that Lost Universe, a geeky online retailer that sells collectables and figures, has released a pre-order for a new Mando helmet made by Hasbro, and I felt it needed a piece here, to spread the word about this awesome looking product.

Now at time of writing, we haven’t seen one, so we can’t comment on actual quality, but from the images we’ve seen it does look pretty decent.

Exact materials are also unknown, but Hasbro has shared with us that it has a highly detailed design and included padding on the inside to protect your head from friction burns against what I’m assuming is going to be plastic. There’s also a removable tactical light and dual interior lights, which activate when the helmet is upside down. When you’re going to be upside down in real life while wearing it remains to be seen, but if you’re going to go off fighting Krayt dragons, then there’s a good chance you will be.

You can find all the information on the Lost Universe website and it comes in at £114 which definitely puts it into the collector territory. Find more information here.