This latest in a long line of Gran Turismo is great fun, but you need to be careful how you progress the game to avoid running out of money and doing races repeatedly to expand your coffers and buy new cars.

There is a way of doing it I am told without buying any, but you had better run the races in order and win everything with minimal upgrades.

The game has recently had an update patch which gives over a free Mercedes which helps, but I have yet to sample that delight yet.

There are roughly six million cars on 10 million tracks, or is that the other way round.

Some familiar tracks too, so not too much learning if you are already well used to ‘proper’ racing games.

The controls are nice too – braking in a straight line is now really encouraged rather than they lob it into the corner and come screaming out the other side.

Turn off traction control and ABS for a much better experience. I found I still hate the tight mountain tracks with a passion.

You still have the licences to pass, which is a pain, never liked that side of things, and there are plenty of side races to complete too, if you fancy it.

There’s a moon buggy too, but I have not yet tried that either, and Goodwood.

It looks amazing, but there is still no damage and some of the interiors are not there. A bonnet cam would also be nice if you don’t like the cockpit. Roof or miles behind are the only other options.

The rolling starts, with you at the back, are annoying as you usually have to slam your way to the front in the short races.

Online will be a nightmare as corner cutters will hone their skills on some courses to skip huge chunks of road. The load times can be long though.

All in all, a decent racer with a massive number of tracks and cars. Those downsides will be addressed one day, we are sure.