Zooms are very important to most people when looking for a new digital camera, and Canon’s new SX600 HS does not lack in this department. It features a whopping 18x optical zoom which for any enthusiast should be more than enough to give superb quality photos of distant subjects. The SX600 also takes advantage of its 36x ZoomPlus technology to take the wide 25mm shot straight up to an amazing 900mm.

Alongside this sits a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor being complemented by Canon’s 4+ Digic processor. Also included is Canon’s HS (high-sensitivity) system. This will give users a much better quality photo during low level light situations.

With social media on constant tap nowadays it’s always a smart move to appeal to those that use it. Canon has included its Creative shot mode. This mode creates 6 different versions of one shot, putting filters such as monochrome on there. All in all you have the opportunity to add 46 different creative effects.

You will also be able to hook it up to a wifi source and upload your images directly from your camera to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few.

HD movie recording is also present shooting at 1080p.

For a sleeker, more advanced model of this camera, take a look at the Canon Ixus 265 HS