With more smart phones being carried in pockets and purses each day, manufacturers are now starting to release technology to work well with them. That is where the Canon N100 makes its mark. It’s a camera designed to work with smart phones. Using wireless technology, camera photos and videos can instantly transfer to the phone for backup to show your friends.

The N100 has taken many of its styling features from its older brother, the N. It has a slightly more comfortable shape to it. They have removed the fiddly control ring around the lens and gone back to a standard shutter release on the top of the camera which is complimented by a zoom slider around it. The lens is a superb 24-120mm equivalent on a 35mm film camera. It has a high performance CMOS sensor. It is handy having the ultra wide lens. The quality of your photos is minimised lost at zoom either with its built in 10x optical lens.

It doesn’t have a view finder but not many compact cameras do these days. Instead you are greeted with a large 3-inch touch screen display, just like your phone. The screen can also be tilted so you can create some lovely angled photos. The tilt feature can be used to avoid those annoying moments when the sun hits it.

Above the screen has to be my favourite feature of this camera. It is a rear facing camera, ready to be used for you selfie addicts out there. It creates a picture-in-picture image. Either lens can take priority in the photo.

There are an abundance of features that are really quite fun to use. These range from the creative shot, creating 6 random image filters over the photo, to different crops and treatments.

It records in full HD at 30 frames per second. It saves videos in MP4 format so it is compatible with a number of other devices. Keen on taking videos? Then why not check out the Sony HDR-CX410E