So things have come full circle by the world’s most famous and more eagerly awaited first person shooter.

It all started in October 2003 when this unknown game appeared on the PC and set the world alight.

We all remember the key moments – that time when we finally got Doom to work at a time when the PC was an unwieldy untameable beast. The first proper driving game when you could use an actual steering wheel, and of course Call of Duty which has passed the 250 million units sold, topping $15 BILLION.

There have been many manifestations of this classic since then. Modern warfare, future warfare, space, and everything in between.

Now it has come to this. Some harsh criticism of some of the titles made the developers go back to day one. And it’s not too bad.

We played it on the Xbox One and PC and were engrossed. It is tough – the style of the game is still demanding you push on to progress through a battle. There is little sitting back, and taking out the enemies until they are no more, like a Far Cry style, which I love and can’t wait until February.

That is an open world game, while Call of Duty still likes to lead you by the hand. There is mostly a squad around you, so the mayhem going on can something get too much, like the real thing, I would guess.

The levels are varied, but within the WWII setting, so gritty, dirty and sometimes really frustrating.

Targets are small, and they are good shots too. Casual gamers won’t stroll through this, but it is well balanced.

The developers here are Sledgehammer which also did Advanced Warfare and shared duties with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3.

One thing I didn’t like is the ‘line stuff up on the screen and push a button’ to make things happen. Too artificial for me, but hey.

This is a worthwhile game, and the online stuff is excellent and much tougher to succeed at. Persevere and you will get there, eventually. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. And it’s WWII, so there’s that.