Sitting in a dreary train, zooming through the waste lands of Pandora, I remember the feelings I had when I first visited this planet, way back in 2009. Pandora was huge! Filled to the brim with astonishing creatures, evil bandits, and companies fighting for a Vault. This time round Pandora is bigger, twice as many enemy variations, and even more companies fighting for control.

Borderlands saw our adventure through one of four playable characters. This time around we have a choice between four very much new and improved versions.

There is Axton the commando with a turret capable of spinning 360 degrees to pummel enemies with hot lead. There is Salvador, a testosterone filled badass capable of wielding two weapons at once. Zero, our assassin of the game who uses stealth and a katana sword to his advantage. And Maya, our heroine of the group with the ability to turn entire groups of enemies on each other.

As we know, people who have played the original borderlands saw us defeat the menacing vault creature. GREAT! What next? The game ended. Well done. For an RPG this wasn’t what consumers were expecting. Gearbox have learnt from their mistake and followed on the storyline from that moment. Killing the creature released a powerful substance called Eridium. This glowing purple black market contraband sparked attention from several very powerful corporations. Hyperion being one of them.

Led by Handsome Jack, a sarcastic type with a Grease style ’50’s Barnet, Hyperion plan and execute their plan to take over Pandora for themselves. This is where you come in. Armed with let’s say, whatever the hell you like, you are then made, by our old school friend claptrap to defeat him. Like in 2009 Pandora’s useable arsenal is there for your disposal. There are so many different gun types, each with their own stats and attributes that you just are hooked on finding those rare loot chests.

Borderlands 2 is a four player co-op based RPG, and definitely needs to be played like that.