I’ve recently moved house and I thought this is an opportunity to start a fresh, something different, a new look for my office/gaming space and when EZ Shopper got in touch about one of their standing desks, I thought let’s start there. So here are my thoughts on their latest standing desk, called ‘Beast Desk’. 

This is a standing desk and for those of you unaware, this desk has motorised legs or frame, which allows you to move the desktop up and down to either sit at, stand at or something in between. Three size options are available to purchase, 140by70, 160by75 or 180by80, with the 1400 & 1600 coming in white or oak desktops, with the 1800 offering only oak. Prices start from £299 here in the UK for the 140 models and go up to £330 for the 180 version. There is an option just to purchase the motorised frame or legs for £250 and then you source your own desktop to put on top. 


Spec-wise, it’s motorised as mentioned previously with a height range of 72 to 117cm. It has a handy control panel on the right-hand side of the desk for manual up and down control, plus default heights for sitting and standing. The weight load on their website is stated at 150 kilograms, so if the total weight of your PC, monitor, and other bits totals 150 kilograms, which is alot, the frame will still function. 

This is a big piece of kit and delivery-wise, it was efficient, yes but it came flat packed in two packages, the frame and the desktop, and the desktop came in two parts. So if you’re thinking about getting it delivered somewhere other than your home, or the location you are setting it up, the boxes are small enough to fit in a car. I got this delivered to work and took it home and I didn’t have a solid 160cm long desk sticking out the boot of my car. 


Set up was quite simple, it took me less than an hour and the only other tool I used was my hand drill for some of the screws and ease of installation. The frame comes in various pieces, both left and right parts, plus the longer lengths used to join them together. Some screws, some bolts, put the feet on its quite straightforward. The desktop part comes in two pieces as mentioned earlier and you have to join the two parts together with three metal braces, screwed through into pre-drilled holes. Once done, you pop that on top, into position and screw the frame to the desktop. After that, it’s a matter of linking the two motors by a supplied control cable, plugging it into the mains, screwing the controls into place and if you wanted to, attaching the provided cup or stationary holder, which I didn’t do because I didn’t feel I needed it. 

As for performance, it works well and does the job it’s meant to do. The controls are very simple, you can press either the sitting or standing buttons and walk away, or manually adjust the height to suit which I did find myself doing quite alot. I am 5ft10 and the default standing position was comfortable for me and I could work like that for a couple of hours easily. Speed up and down seems fine, on average with other desks and there never really that quick, nor would you want that if there’s a chance of anything falling off in transit. Noise, it’s ok, not overly off-putting, nor does it really last that long either. 


For me, I’ve put my PC on the desk, plus my 34” monitor and other bits which is a fair weight and size but there is still loads of spare space for other bits. My monitor is attached to its own stand but you can install a monitor arm if desired. There is adequate space at the back of the desk for the clamp to be correctly installed. Cable management can be done but I’ve not yet finessed that. Some 3M cable clamps are provided with the desk to help out. 

The build quality seems good, the frame is sturdy and doesn’t move an inch which is great. The desktop is basic MDF or chipboard, covered with a white or oak effect finish. I went white, as I just can’t stand fake-looking wood and the white is clean. Longevity concerns me, how long the motors will last before getting burnt out, whether it’s after x hundred uses but time will tell.

So there we have it, that was the Beast Desk from EZ Shopper and it’s my new desk, for work, gaming, and editing and so far, it’s been great. The frame is sturdy, the motor works well, and I’m enjoying standing while I work. The desktop in two parts, with a line through the centre, is a little off-putting but I appreciate it helps with shipping. Controls work well, the white looks clean and tidy, there is plenty of space for me and I feel the price is competitive when you look around the market. I don’t plan on changing desks anytime.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Beast Desk webpage.