War is chaos. Always has been, always will be. That’s what makes Battlefield so unique. There is currently no other game out there that is as hectic as this one. In multiplayer, the moment you spawn, you are on the frontline, dodging and darting for cover. The objective, like in any war, from the historic swords and shields, to the modern day tank and chopper, is to eradicate the enemy.

Battlefield 4 gives you as a soldier complete control over a battlefield. Whether it’s on land, sea or air, it is one giant sandbox. Fancy bowling up to an enemy territory in a tank, do it. Is your heart dead set on swooping through the air in manic dogfights, do it. Or are you a front line adrenaline junkie with a passion for assault rifles, these are there too. The amount of control you have is crazy. And it’s the same in the single player campaigns, but multiplayer is where it’s at.

Every single thing you can play in the game is fully upgradeable and customisable. This gives you a huge amount of choice. Some, in all honesty, can be a bit daunting at first, but once you have the hang of things, the choices seem unlimited.

If it’s a scope on your rifle, silencer on the pistol, heat-seeking missiles in your aircraft, or heavy armour on your tank, the choice is there and available. They are able to slot in with your gaming style. There is a full single player campaign to jump into to get you used to the game mechanics. But this is only for that really.

The real fun starts when you join an internet server. And there are up to 64-man servers. It takes real skill to become the ultimate victor. My main gripe is sometimes it is too chaotic. Spawn, dead, spawn, dead. Literally. If this isn’t for you, there are smaller servers you can jump into which in my opinion, makes for much more tactical play.

Battlefield 4 is unique. It is definitely a game you can sink your teeth into and get lost for hours at a time.