I’m going to hold my hands up on this one and say that lightweight gaming mice are not really my forte, at the moment, and this video you’re watching now stems from my Gravastar Mercury M2 gaming mouse review, in which I said that the M2 was a decent. budget-friendly lightweight gaming mouse. And it didn’t take long for people to pick up on what I said and proceeded to give me some suggestions on why I am wrong. And yes… hands up, I really was. Now what was surprising, and also really one of the main reasons I’m making this video at all, is because the people who commented suggestions on what was lighter and also cheaper, were very civilised, which was a very refreshing feeling, of course being on the internet, as you all well know, isn’t the friendliest of places at times. This is why today I wanted to talk about the Attack Shark X3, a ¬£40-something pound gaming mouse I picked up from Amazon, suggested by a few users in my Gravastar video, and it weighs just under 50 grams, making this right now one of the lightest gaming mice I’ve ever used, and to tell you now… I love it, but it didn’t come without apprehension.

And by that, I mean this thing is called the Attack Shark for God’s sake. I mean, I’m in my 30s. and I grew up in a world where you had two types of controller. The official one from the console manufacturer, and the Mad Catz, which was pretty much reserved for your brother or when you had mates round. Of course there’s a place in this world for the Mad Catz controllers as they’re usually much cheaper than the official stuff, but you know, I feel like a bit of a dinosaur with this stuff at times, and Attack Shark as a brand name just reminded me of that. But, I bought one, I’m currently using it on my gaming rig, and I’m putting in the time with this thing, and it’s been such a great experience so far.

The Attack Shark X3 I will say now is boring. The box it came in is boring, the mouse itself is just plain black, or white or purple or red or whatever colour you choose, and boring looking. There’s no flair, or RGB lighting or branding or anything that’ll make it stand out, though you can choose a paint job that looks a little bit more interesting if you want. If this mouse was in a general electronic store, you’d probably dismiss it as being ‘cheap’ and walk past. It’s that basic. But, on the other side of the scale, it’s a gaming mouse that’s been built for purpose, and that’s to be as lightweight and accurate as possible. And it’s succeeding in every aspect.

The whole thing is made from plastic though not in a cheap way. You’re not going to be crushing this thing with hand pressure. It has a smooth texture though and no rubberised sides which is a bit of a shame and it’s a bit front-heavy so the balance is a little off. There’s enough grip to whip the mouse across a pad but it is slippery. You got some satisfying clicks thanks to the Kailh Black Mamba switches for left and right clicks with no wobble, and the actuation is nice and clicky and the bounce is nice. The scroll wheel feels solid and not too stiff. It scrolls in increments making it nice and easy for actions like switch weapons inside of games. The middle mouse click is firm. The side buttons are a little too far back for my liking, but depending on hand size your experience may vary, though the clicks again here are satisfying enough.

The Attack Shark X3 is sitting on two large skates being at the front and rear of the base, and though I have seen some people complain about moving it around, I’ve not had any issues really. It’s felt nice and smooth on my cheapo Amazon mouse pad and the Pixart 3395 sensor has been flawless for me too. Now I know I’ve said in previous mouse videos I’m not sitting here playing eSports titles and really needing a mouse like this to improve my aim. I’m more of a casual Overwatch player, I’ve been playing some Anno 1800 recently, and I’ve just downloaded that Palworld game to see what all the fuss is about. I’m not spending countless hours in Counterstrike 2 or Valorant. And while my experience has been nice, the fact this mouse which cost around the ¬£40 pound mark for me even includes a sensor like the Pixart 3395 is decent. Is it safe to call this mouse ultimate budget-friendly?

Having the Pixaart 3395 sensor means you can get a maximum of 26,000 DPI with 50g of acceleration. There’s a tracking speed of 650ips and you’ve got a millimetre of lift-off distance. It has something called MotionSync, which similar to the Gravastar M2, synchronizes the sensor readings with polling events. It’s supposed to make your motion in your movements feel more consistent, but hey, it feels the same to me as my Logi 502X and any other gaming mice I’ve used. I did say I was a casual gamer, right? On the bottom, you can find three buttons surrounding the sensor. At the top you have a slider to switch the mouse between 2.4G and Bluetooth, of which I’m using 2.4G as a dongle was provided in the box. The left button is there to adjust the DPI in increments which can be set in the Attack Shark software, more on that in a moment though, and on the right-hand side is a button for your Mode/Indicator light.

The software, which was a little hard to find, is extremely basic, but that’s exactly how I like it. By the way, I found it by going to the Attack Shark Twitter, then to their Linktree. On the left panel you’ve got an area to change click functionality, the ability to set up your macros and also battery life. On the right you’ve got your DPI increments which you can manually set yourself, your Polling Rate settings, your lift-off distance setting and finally your Key Response Time. I have also seen links online where people are using the Kysona M600 driver here but I also saw a Github page talking about how firmware updates could brick the mouse, and I got a little nervous about doing it myself. The article talks about how you can enable the debounce time adjustment option by doing this, but what kind of difference that’ll make to my game, I don’t know. I’m not convinced. Using the Attack Shark software was good enough for me and what I needed it for.

I must say after using this mouse for the past couple of weeks, I am convinced that there are more unknown brands out there doing some great work. I suppose I never see them because they have tiny marketing budgets, or you know, the likes of Steel Series, Razer, Logitech and the rest of them are taking up so much space in this gaming mouse market, that it’s hard for the unknown brands like Attack Shark to filter through. So thank you to those who suggested I check out this mouse. I am so glad that I did. For 40 pounds, this mouse is an absolute steal, and I implore you to go and check it out. There will be a link in the description to go and buy one yourself.