Ted Baker Samsung S8 Case Range Review
The Good
  • Really stunning designs
  • A must have accessory for any budding fans of fashion
The Bad
  • A little on the expensive side compared to other phone cases
  • Snap cases may not protect your phone from a drop
4.2Overall Score

Flowers, sparkles and golden trims are on this year’s agenda for the new Ted Baker Samsung S8 case range. Their cases are seemingly making waves through the mobile phone market, and there’s a very good reason for it.

They’re beautiful. The styling and even detailing, matching current fashion trends currently being pumped out by Ted Baker are wonderful. Okay, in all honesty, most of the cases are a little feminine, with the flowery pattern and the sparkly finishes, but there is a black one available for the more macho of us out there.

The cases come in three styles, similar to their AW16 range we looked at last year. Bear in mind this is the new SS17 (Spring/Summer) range we’re checking out this time round.

The first are their snap on rear cases, leaving the screen exposed, and probably the most common of cases you see on people’s shiny handsets. The second is a folio design, with enough room to put a credit card. The third, and slightly more unconventional is an armband which would be work during fitness sessions.

I’m looking at two examples today, and both seem as if they have impeccable quality. Although made from plastic, the inside of the snap case is covered in a golden finish, with a slogan “Consider yourself protected.” The only downfall about the case is that it feels very thin, not offering a huge amount of protections. Although scratches may not affect the phone, I’m not sure it’ll completely protect a handset from a drop.

The folio case we looked at was slightly different. Like a book, it wraps around the entire case. It holds the phone inside the same golden housing, but this time there is a small vanity mirror on the door part of the case. A perfect companion when eating spinach in a public place.

Pricing wise they are the more expensive side for a mobile phone case, but combining some protection for your mobile, and some wicked fashion prints, makes the extra cost is worth every penny. You can find more information and a number of different styles on the Proportia website.

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Stef Murphy

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  1. Tas

    Thanks for the review.
    I can see the for folio cases, the top, bottom and buttons are exposed. As someone who has physically held this phone, would you say it gives sufficient protection? Or like with the snap cases as you mentioned, even the folio case may not provide the best protection?
    And for the folio case, how thick/thin is the frame? I’m worried my Samsung S8 will slip out of the case.
    And as for the magnetic flip on the folio case, does this mean the front flap can stick to the back due to the magnet rather than say if I’m texting, the front flap dangling on the side. (Hope that last question makes sense!)
    Thanks a ton and again, thanks for the review.

    • Stef Murphy
      Stef Murphy

      Hi Tas,

      Thank you for your comment. The folio case will give you significantly more protection than the snapback case. In terms of the phone slipping out, I wouldn’t worry. The plastic mould the phone would snap into is pretty solid. You’re right about the buttons top and bottom being exposed, but it’s not as huge a problem as you may expect, and certainly no worse than other folio cases on the market. When the case is closed, everything will be protected from drops, and if your phone falls on a corner, it’ll hit the phone case first rather than the corner of the phone.
      Regarding sticking the phone to the back of the case, being honest I can’t remember as it was a while ago that we looked at these cases, but the door can be fully folded back for easier two handed texting.

      Thanks Tas,

      • Tas

        Hi again,
        Thanks for your informed response. I finally got a folio case. It is stunning. Thing is, I found when I put the Samsung S8 in the plastic mould and close the flap i find that the flap has a somewhat gap. Like as if the phone screen comes out a bit from the plastic mould and therefore the flap doesn’t snap on.
        Let me try explain better…so you know how when the folio case is empty, the flap simply meets the plastic mould nicely with no gaps. When I put the phone in it, this doesn’t happen. I inquired and Proporta said it is because it is brand new and the leather needs time. Is this how you found when you put a phone in the folio case though?
        I thought it was a fault in the product, however because the flap sits perfectly when the phone isn’t in it, I am not sure it is a fault or maybe just how the S8 sits…?

  2. S

    Hey there!
    Thanks a lot for this review.
    Following from the previous comment, I’m also interested in the folio case, as I don’t like snapcases. But for some reason I feel the corners are barely protected (I’m asking re Samsung S8 case if that makes any difference). I have watched youtube reviews on TBaker cases and it just looks (to me at least) that the corners are basically half covered and half exposed and I’m worried in terms of protection against drops as I know it is essential to keep the corners of a phone protected if anything.

    Also, with the folio case, if you flipped the front flap so it stuck to the back for easy two handed texting, and then placed the screen on a flat surface, is there a raised lip to stop the screen from touching the surface?

    And from research, I understand the front flap would stick to the back flap due to magnet. What about when the cover is closed, does it stick like a magnet over the front of the screen? So if I were to try and lift the front flap while it is closed over the phone screen, would it need some effort due to it being stuck because of magnet? Or would it simply flip open because the magnet only affects when the front flap is flipped over to the back?

    How is the quality of the design? Does it feel like it could fade?


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