Pure Siesta S6 Clock Radio Review

A little over a year ago, we checked out the Pure Siesta S2 clock radio, Pure have now given this an upgrade with the S6. We got one sent to the office, so let's check it out! Features: - DAB, DAB+ & FM...

Pure Evoke H6 Stereo DAB+ Radio

Pure has upgraded their range of Evoke DAB radios to now include colour screens, audio enhancements and Bluetooth functionality, as well as subtle visual changes. The Evoke H3, H4 and H6 is what they are called...

Pure Elan E3 Digital Radio Review

Another box from Pure hit our desks, this time containing the Pure Elan E3 Digital Radio and boy does it look smart! We turned our radio off and replaced it with the Elan E3 and that's where the story begins......

Pure Siesta S2 Clock Radio Review

We are a big fan of Pure in the office and when we heard the Pure Siesta S2 would be landing on our desks, fights were had to see who would be the chosen one to check it out. I won of course.  The Siesta S2 is ...

Pure Voca Bluetooth Speaker Review

I purchased a Pure S3X not long ago, as a cheaper alternative to Sonos and was blown away by its performance and I was very happy I went down the Pure route. A key feature of the S3X was its built in battery, s...

Pure Jongo S3X Review

When Sonos hit us with their WiFi audio system, it shook the market and changed the way we listen to music forever. Major players in the tech market have tried to break through and produce a rival...is Pure one...