The Lexar Jumpdrive S33 is a newly released memory stick expected to take the place of the older S23. It is believed to be one of the smallest memory sticks in circulation at the moment.

It uses a swivel action to remove the actual USB connection which is great for safety. Keeping the connection covered is great so things like dust can’t interfere with the connection.

It comes in a number of colours to match your style. A turquoise one can be seen in my gallery.

It connects to the computer using USB3.0 which is up to 4x faster than the older S23’s USB2.0 connection. It also has up to 100mb/s read speed for extremely quick transfer.

The stick comes in many different memory sizes ranging from 16gb right up to 128gb so the Lexar Jumpdrive S33 can accommodate your storage needs.

It looks great, works extremely well and is solidly made. This memory stick will definitely be in my laptop bag in the future.

You can find it here for its full specification list and also to purchase directly from Lexar.


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Stef Murphy

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  1. Scotty 'Dick' Thomas

    Why are you reviewing old technology? I’m rolling with PCI SSD drives, that Intel are dishing out, alongside fibre interconnects for Cisco UCS servers. Geek alert ⚠

  2. Mike Allison

    Really ? Pci ssd is only marginally faster than a 6gb/sata. And to take full advantage would have to be run in raid. Obviously got deep pockets


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