Customising our phones to our lifestyles is an attractive idea especially as many features are left unused on all of our handsets. January 2015 sees a very exciting product launch that will let us do exactly that, hopefully.
Project Ara, as Google is calling it, is a phone, with modular inputs. This will let us install our own modular components. This can be anything from a camera, Bluetooth or a bigger battery.
Each feature will be a smooth pebble-like tile with small pins to insert into what we have seen so far, the screen. If you don’t need a bigger battery, don’t buy one. If taking pictures isn’t for you, save space by not installing the module.
There are apparently several different sizes on its way – small, medium and large. These correspond to the size of a normal mobile, smart phone and then phablet. The modules will be available from Google-run online stores.
With swappable modules, Google is hoping this will extend the lifespan of the phone up to six years. Presently, phones barely last two years, before a replacement is released.
So longevity and simple module-based customisation – what’s not to love


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