Philips One Blade Review

Beards. A man's treasured possession that is carefully crafted, with precision and skill. The need for a quality razor is key. Without one, you may not be able to achieve the desired look, or it could pull hair...

Ecovacs DEEBOT Slim 2 Review

If you haven't heard of Ecovacs before, they manufacture a number of robotic vacuum cleaners, both for your floor and your walls. Walls? Yes, imagine a vacuum cleaner scaling your windows, a bit like Spiderman....

Boost Oxygen Review – Energy In A Can

In the mornings, how many of us love to sink a cup of coffee, or if we're really feeling tired/hungover from a late night, crack a can of Red Bull? Loads of us I bet. But what if I told you there was something ...

Myzone MZ-3 Fitness Tracker Review

With a nation slowly sinking towards obesity, products like the Myzone MZ-3 fitness band encourages us to get out and do something. Whether that's a calm jog, or a hardcore sprint, Myzone has your back. Fitn...

Corkcicle Canteen Review

Okay, so this is a strange one for us, but we're no way shy to weird and wonderful tech. Well, if you can class this as tech. I think it is, but we'll see. I'm talking about the a canteen by drinks specialist b...