Edifier K800 Gaming Headset

We are big fans of Edifier here, after recently trying out some of their newer speaker systems & headphones and what we didnt realise, is they do also offer a few gaming headsets. It makes sense, they can m...

Alienware R3 13 Laptop Review

The Alienware R3 13 is a laptop designed and built by Dell's premium gaming branch. It's a small, 13" portable gaming machine which goes toe to toe with the likes of the Razer Blade, and can actually perform at...

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset Review

Renowned for their high end gaming headsets and sponsoring some of the most elite gamers in the industry right now, Turtle Beach like to cater for the masses and in this instance, means they need to offer heads...

STM Saga 15″ Laptop Bag Review

Heavy duty laptop bags, my favourite! As I'm known for carrying around chunky gaming laptops with me rather than the sleeker looking Macbook Pros. Sorry guys, but I like a bit of Rocket League in Starbucks. Tha...

EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review

Ever since I can remember I've always opted for playing with a mouse and keyboard when in front of my PC. But to be honest, it is nice every now and then to sit back in your chair with a game pad. Furthermore, ...