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Amazon FireTV Stick Review

Amazon has been making their own tech products for a few years now, which include streaming devices and tablets. The first and still their most popular streaming device is the Amazon FireTV Stick and that is wh...

Epson TW9300 4K Projector Review

It's an exciting time for projectors at the moment. Projectors have always been a very expensive option for what you actually received in terms of picture quality. They've not been the best choice for home ente...

Roth Audio Sub Zero lll Soundbar Review

Roth Audio produce bookshelf speakers and audio products, and we got sent their recently released soundbar, the Sub Zero lll. This soundbar is the third generation of its type and sounds like it could be a soli...

Jam Audio WiFi Speaker Range Review

When you think about wireless speakers, you probably think about Bluetooth as its means of connectivity. When you think about WiFi speakers, you probably think of Sonos, as they were the first to truly offer a ...