Swisstone BX200 Bluetooth Speaker

This is the first time we've heard of Swisstone and after a little research, we found out they manufacture Bluetooth speakers, smart watches and mobile phones. A random mix I know! This is a budget Bluetooth sp...

Polk Boom Swimmer Duo Speaker Review

Polk Boom are a new brand to us but after seeing images of the 'Swimmer Duo' in action, we were intrigued, so we got one to try out for you guys! The Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is a dirt, shock and waterproof Blueto...

Pioneer HDJ-700 Headphones Review

Pioneer produce some of the best audio equipment on the market and one area they have expanded in is their headphone range. Pioneer now produce a number of head and earphones and today, we got sent a pair of HD...

Amazon Fire Tablet Review

Amazon, you've heard of them right? They have been expanding there own product range in recent years and are starting to become a major player in the tech industry and it all started with the 'Fire' tablet. The...

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, Christmas 2016 where our inner children seems to pop out and get us all giddy. CHRISTMAS! It's our favourite time of year. New tech is released, Call of Duty makes an appearance wi...

Pokemon Celebrate 20th Anniversary

The year was 1996 when Ash Ketchum and his trusted companion Pikachu hit our television screens. Pokemon had arrived and it took the world by storm! TV series, movies, a highly addictive Trading Card Game and G...

Pure Elan E3 Digital Radio Review

Another box from Pure hit our desks, this time containing the Pure Elan E3 Digital Radio and boy does it look smart! We turned our radio off and replaced it with the Elan E3 and that's where the story begins......