iLuv Aud Click Speaker Review

It's always exciting when a new speaker with Alexa support turns up. The possible questions that you could ask floats around your mind at 100mph. Some lewd, some serious, and some outright outrageous. That's how I felt when the new iLuv Aud Click speaker turne...

Casio Edifice EQB-501 Smart Watch Review

When you think of the term smart watch, I guarantee something like the Apple iWatch or maybe even a Samsung Gear comes to mind. They're generally watches that can tell you if your heart rate is good, or a device that gives you directions when looking for a res...

Filofax eniTAB360 Tablet Stand Review

To get your tablet to stand on its own usually needs some form of elaborate folio case that can fold back onto itself and form some kind of triangle stand. But then the only problem with these is that they can ...

Terrapin Cases for Sony XZ Premium

It's very rare that we're sent anything other than Samsung or iPhone mobile phone cases to review. So it's a breath of fresh air when something else turns up. A company named  Terrapin got in touch and sent thr...

EasySMX 2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset

EasySMX produce very affordable gaming peripherals such as headsets, mice and keyboards but at this low price point, can they deliver on quality? They sent us over one of their universal gaming headsets so we c...

Goobay Outdoor Powerbank Review

Ahhh camping in the great outdoors. Everyone has to experience it at least once I'd say... even if it's just to get that one Instagram shot. Of course these experiences of being shut off from the rest of the wo...

PNY 4 In 1 Lens Kit For Mobile Review

With the likes of social media integrating itself into our lives more and more each day, people who upload their best snaps, of course, need the best quality. The cameras on mobile phones are becoming better an...

Lindy NC-60 Headphone Review

Lindy offer a wide variety of consumer electronics, headphones being one that interests us the most and they recently sent over a pair of their higher end cans, the Lindy NC 60 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone...

Booq Daypack Laptop Backpack Case Review

Let me put this to you. You've just bought a shiny new £1500 Macbook Pro, and need to carry it between your home and the office, with the occasional visit to Starbucks of course throughout the day to use their ...

Edifier Luna HD Speaker Review

We recently found out about Edifier, after they sent us over a pair of their bookshelf speakers and we were very impressed with both performance and appearance. They have now sent another pair of speakers, a pa...

Libratone Q Adapt Headphones Review

Absolutely stunning - the new Libratone Q Adapt with noise cancelling are brilliant. They are comfy with several size ear buds to choose from, but the biggest downside is they are only for Apple as they come wi...