Dell U2718Q 27″ 4K Monitor Review

You know, it's always exciting to see a world's first piece of equipment like the Dell U2718Q 4K monitor here. There's nothing like cracking open the box for the first time, to see something that really, not many people have, and certainly have it as part of m...

Manfrotto Windsor Reporter Bag Review

Now I like my bags. There's something about a descent bag that could really make an outfit. I have many, and have uses for all of them. From large overnight bags to the smaller tote bag style, bags rock. But now that I've received the Manfrotto Windsor Reporte...

Myzone MZ-3 Fitness Tracker Review

With a nation slowly sinking towards obesity, products like the Myzone MZ-3 fitness band encourages us to get out and do something. Whether that's a calm jog, or a hardcore sprint, Myzone has your back. Fitn...

Manfrotto MV502AH Review

If you're just getting into videography or a professional looking to expand your arsenal we've got a great bit of kit for you today. The Manfrotto MV502AH, a professional fluid head from the camera accessory gi...

Zagg Rugged Messenger for iPad Review

The iPad, famous across the globe and a handy companion to most and a near on necessity in this day and age. But if you do a lot of typing with one, you may find it frustrating at times. This is where the Zagg ...

Corkcicle Canteen Review

Okay, so this is a strange one for us, but we're no way shy to weird and wonderful tech. Well, if you can class this as tech. I think it is, but we'll see. I'm talking about the a canteen by drinks specialist b...

PNY PowerPack Alu 5200 Review

Always running out of mobile phone battery when you're out? That cheeky barman won't let you charge your mobile behind the bar? Yes, we've all been there, and it's incredibly annoying, especially when you were ...

X2 Kondor Gaming Headset Review

A new comer in the world of tech could find it a tough market to conquer, but X2 is doing incredibly well. The Dutch company sent us their new Kondor gamer headset. And a decent headset it is too. The packag...

Philips BDM4350UC Monitor Review

The Philips BDM4350UC is a true monster of the working desk. Check out that model number - 43 inches, people. This is a giant, so you had better have a giant desk to go with it. Of course, had the legs been des...