Philips SHB3175 Headphones Review

Philips has always surprised me when it comes to their tech. I not long ago checked out their SHB8850NC model and was impressed. So are the new Philips SHB3175 headphones going to live up to their reputation? The headphones presented are all black, although...

Pioneer DJ DM-40 Monitor Speaker Review

Pioneer, known for their DJ product department, offering a wide array of products for the very beginner of DJ's, upto a professional level, today sent over a pair of entry level monitor speakers, the DM-40. They look like professional monitors, albeit quite sm...

Alienware R3 13 Laptop Review

The Alienware R3 13 is a laptop designed and built by Dell's premium gaming branch. It's a small, 13" portable gaming machine which goes toe to toe with the likes of the Razer Blade, and can actually perform at...

Edifier W800BT Headphone Review

We've had a few Edifier products in the office recently, mainly speakers, such as the impressive Edifier R2730DB's, but now we move onto the next chapter, headphones. Yes Edifier make headphones, they have a fe...

Kenwood Chef Titanium Mixer Review

The Kenwood Chef Titanium (KVC7300s) is no joke. It's a mixing machine that can literally take over your kitchen, and once used, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. That's what I thought anyway, when...

Gutterhead Board Game Review

For anyone who's played Cards Against Humanity, you will know how much of a laugh that is when it's pulled out at your weekend gathering. So if you like that, then you're going to love Gutterhead. If Cards A...

Pioneer HDJ-X7 Headphone Review

Known for their high end products, Pioneer has always been part of a thriving DJ product scene, manufacturing a number of headphones, speakers and mixers. Now, none of us in the office are DJs in any shape or f...

Honor 7X Review

Honor is a branch of Huawei that are currently making quite a few waves in the mobile phone industry at the moment, especially in markets outside of the UK. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch ...

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset Review

Renowned for their high end gaming headsets and sponsoring some of the most elite gamers in the industry right now, Turtle Beach like to cater for the masses and in this instance, means they need to offer heads...